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ECOPoxy® is a Plant based epoxy system that is Certified "GREEN".

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We offer ECO Natural Cotton, Reflextic and Dura Foam Eco friendly insulation.
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Our finishes are environmentally friendly and healthy for the occupants, so no need to leave the More about Stains...

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Solves common problems caused by concrete's porosity...

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Eco SealantsWe offer ecological sealants and adhesives for any job.

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We offer beautiful, all natural Duro-Design cork, Quickstyle laminate and Forbo marmoleum flooring.

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Hi Kevin,

UltraTouch Natural Cotton is awesome.

Check out my website “Building the Studio” page.


Dale Harman
A very satisfied customer

We managed to install the bamboo fence on the warm days of the weekend, it was relatively easy to do and we are very pleased with the result. Thanks for offering the product!

All the best,


Thank you so much for the info. re the maintenance of the cork flooring. I am very happy with all the flooring you supplied and the beautiful work that Dave has done at my place also. Everything just blended well together! I will be very careful with the flooring for sure that I don’t drop sharp or heavy objects. Thanks so much also in advance re the bottle of cleaner! I truly appreciate it!

Have a wonderful day!


I just wanted to write to say thank you. The insulation is very nice. The house is warm. We did not find it too hard to cut with a sharp utility knife. It required a little patience and that was good for us.

I also want to wish you the very best with your business, family, and your life generally. Your story of how you got into this ecological business is very inspiring to me and I wish for you all the rewards which come from doing something good for the world.

Best regards,


This cotton insulation is really beautiful stuff. I loved working with it. I had to go out and find BIG shears, as you suggested, to notch it around my posts. I've not yet fully finished, that'll be after all the electrical is complete, sometime in the next few weeks.


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  With our SIGA system you can save a lot of energy thanks to a thoroughly sealed air and windtight building envelope heat stays where it belongs - in the house.

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