ECOPoxy Clear Kits

ECOPoxy® is a Plant based epoxy system that is Certified "GREEN".

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ECO Insulation

We offer ECO Natural Cotton, Reflextic and Dura Foam Eco friendly insulation.
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ECO Stains & Finishes

Our finishes are environmentally friendly and healthy for the occupants, so no need to leave the Read more here...

ECO Radon Seal

Solves common problems caused by concrete's porosity...

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ECO Sealant & Adhesives

We offer ecological sealants and adhesives for any job.

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About Us

ECO Building Resource is a supply base for consumers, contractors and builders who wish to locate environmentally sound and healthy building products and accoutrements.

ECO Building Resource has undertaken the sourcing and reviewing of materials to ensure they are safe for people and the planet.

Eco Building Resource is owned and operated by Kevin Royce who has spent over 25 years in the building materials industry gaining an extensive knowledge of a wide range of products and their applications with the primary focus being on interior finishing products. During his last position as general manager of a major building supplier in Woodbridge, Ontario Kevin began to receive many inquiries for LEED compliant products from builders and contractors. It was then when Kevin came to realize that it is a challenge for people to find environmentally safe building products

Kevin is also a husband and father with two teenage boys who keep him extremely busy with outdoor activities and sports. During his leisure time volunteering as a coach of a minor hockey team Kevin became aware of environmental sensitivities when he observed 4 of his 13 young players required puffers to deal with their asthma and allergies, the cause of which is primarily the toxins we breathe in our day to day lives.

From these experiences Kevin identified a critical need for green building products, so ECO Building Resource was born... Toronto’s only green building supply store!

Shelter is second only to food for survival. Choosing to care about environmental issues and taking care of how we build and renovate can make a difference for generations to come. Now, more than ever, we have the power to lessen our impact on the planet by creating environmentally-sound structures.

By building green we can create a more comfortable, healthier indoor living environment for ourselves. Reducing the off gasing of VOC's and other toxins we reduce the risks that infringe on our quality of life and life expectancy. Efficient use of resources reduces greenhouse gasses and minimizes waste to our landfills.

Beauty and functionality are found in our products and services. We can help you maximize your biggest investment. Reduce costs by managing how your home uses resources and increase its value.

Kevin is always researching for safer, more sustainable products, advising clients of alternative avenues to consider and often adding the personal touch by doing local deliveries personally. Please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin (link to email address) for advise on how to make your home safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

ECO New Products

SIGA Adhesive Products
  With our SIGA system you can save a lot of energy thanks to a thoroughly sealed air and windtight building envelope heat stays where it belongs - in the house.

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What The Experts Say

See our products used in various television shows, media articles and more.

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Learn About Green Building

Green seems to be the "buzz" everywhere these days, but how can your efforts make a difference?

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